We wish to advise details of the terms and conditions regarding our Warranty policy. The Warranty covers the below listed defects and is effective as from 01March 2013.

1. Roof Buddy Products

1.1 Manufacturing defects incurred during the factory production stage.

Product cover will only become effective if the installation and painting process is carried out by a Roof Buddy Accredited Contractor. The cover excludes all physical and environmental damage. An inspection by one of our contractors should be carried out every 3 years in support any claim.

2. Roof Buddy E Coat Finish

2.1 Roof Buddy coatings are covered for 1Year.

Should the Prime Coat fail and is found to be attributed to the factory’s coating, products affected must be removed and forwarded to the factory for re-coating.
We do not accept responsibility for inferior paints or the inappropriate application during installation or painting.
In all instances, authorization must be obtained from Roof Buddy cc before products are removed, as an onsite inspection may be necessary.
We accept no liability or responsibility for the contractor’s poor workmanship, damage or any costs incurred in the removal and replacement of our products and their transportation.
The warranty is not valid where the products have been installed incorrectly or where non specified hardware has been used in the installation.
The original purchase receipt must be forwarded before we consider any claim.
The Roof Buddy products are not suitable for the coastal regions, and as such, the Warranty does not apply.