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Unique and patented metal roof fascia system

The Roof Buddy system was designed and developed for the South African building industry. It offers an alternative to the more traditional fascia systems, made from fibre cement, asbestos, plastic, wood, steel and concrete.

Manufactured from a high quality electro – galvanise steel and chemically cleaned and prime coated in a black E coat finish

The finish is approved by the Automotive Industry and used to prime metal components. It offers protection against surface corrosion and provides a suitable base for painting. Our coated products can be painted using a Roof Acrylic PVA or Enamel paint.

The system has a 20+ year proven track record and offers numerous advantages, such as:

  • A suitable replacement for barge / fascia boards and concrete verge tiles.
  • Ideal for concrete and steel roofing projects.
  • Provides a secure, elegant and attractive finish.
  • Waterproof, resilient to hail damage and adverse weather conditions.
  • Resists rough handling.
  • Quick and easy installation, which requires no power tools.
  • Lightweight and stackable for storage.
  • 15 year product + 1 year prime coat warranty.

We currently supply and support a number of established companies in South Africa

and have been listed as a supplier to the Build It and BUCO Groups.
The company is committed to providing product and service excellence. We participate and facilitate regular sales promotions and offer free on site product training.


Most of the problems associated with current systems are due to inferior, heavy materials and poor attachment methods. Resulting in early failures, that are unsightly and hazardous. Repairs of this nature are specialised and expensive, with no guarantees of a re-occurrence.

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