(The Roof Buddy Tile and Finial Cap will be referred to as a RB Tile and RB Cap)

Remove the old fascia boards or concrete verge tiles and where necessary renew damaged woodwork.
A new 38 x 50mm counter batten should be nailed to the eave purlongs and woodwork treated with a wood preservative.

The face of the counter batten should be approximately 45mm from the edge of the concrete roof tile (refer to image on right)
The distance may vary depending on the concrete tile profile. The ultimate objective is to space the counter batten so that the outer face of the RB Tile lies vertically once installed.

Start by laying the first RB Tile at the gutter end, align and nail the RB Tile to the counter batten (refer to image on left)
Incorrect nailing points will cause unnecessary damage to the tiles.

Once the system has been laid, the RB Tile overlapping joints can be riveted.

NB – RB Tiles have been designed to ride over concrete roof tiles when roofs are not built to SA specifications.

A starter tile end cover should be riveted onto the gutter end of the RB Tile.
We recommend that covers are fitted prior to installation.

The last RB Tiles may need to be mitred at the roof ridge (knock), to suit the length of the gable. RB Tiles should be cut back so they finish half way up the concrete ridge cap.
A RB Cap can now be fitted and the outer flanges bent to match the roof pitch angle. Ensure the RB Cap is aligned before nailing into position.
The outer flanges should be riveted to the under laying RB Tiles.

NB – A RB DIY Starter Kit and RB Nail Set are available from our dealers


We would like to advise that our products are available in a black E-Coat prime finish. It is recommended that the following cleaning and painting preparations be adhered to.

  1. Surface area should be lightly sanded and wiped clean with Thinners or  Methylated Spirits.
  2. Apply 2 x coats of a good quality Roof Acrylic PVA Paint or Enamel exterior Paint.
  3. Follow the manufactures instructions and allow ample time to dry between coats.



Ensure the roof gable is structurally sound and a new counter batten fitted.

Start by laying the first tile at the gutter end and work up to the ridge.

Ensure tiles are fitted squarely onto the counter batten and nailing
points, as shown.

Tile overlapping joints should be riveted for a secure fitment.

The tile end cover may be fitted prior to fitment.


Tiles may need to be cut back at the ridge.

Tile end flanges should be bent to match the roof pitch angle.

To locate the nailing points for the cap, chalk mark as shown.

Bend the cap end flanges to match the pitch angle, fit and align cap before nailing.