Roof Buddy Tile

Has a length of 1050mm with a roof covering area of 985mm. The tile has been designed to South African building specifications.

Roof Buddy Cap

Designed to cover the tile mitre at the roof knock and to give an attractive finish.

Roof Buddy End Cover

Tile End Cover – Gutter enclosure (supplied as a set of 2) – Can be fitted to roofs with or without gutters

Passivated Nail

The serrated nail ensures that the system is firmly attached to the roof.

DIY Starter Kit

Includes Nails, Rivets, enough to install a system of 50 RB Tiles and 5 Finial Caps.

DIY Starter Kit Nails
Nail Set

Nail Set

Includes Nails, enough to install a system of 50 RB Tiles and 5 Finial Caps.


Roof Buddy verge tiles are compatible to most concrete and steel roof profiles. They suite both right and left verges equally. The tile is designed to fit verges, where the purlongs are spaced at 320mm batten centres. This is conventionally recommended by concrete/clay tile manufacturers for roof slopes between 17,5° – 25°

Verge Tile

Overall Length – 1050mm
Roof covering area – 985mm
Mass – 1,27kg
Prime coat colour – Black

Finial Cap

Mass  – 1,0kg
Prime coat colour – Black

Tile End Cover Set (2)

Mass – 210grams
Prime coat colour – Black


All Roof Buddy products are manufactured in Gauteng and distributed from our offices in Pretoria and Johannesburg,  The products are manufactured to the highest standards and covered by a guarantee.
There are 5 sets of Machine Tooling used to produce the full range of Roof Buddy Products.


Our products are available in a black E-Coat prime finish. The E- Coat prime finish has undergone extensive testing by ourselves and a national paint manufacturer.

The results indicated an excellent finish, suitable for painting upon. Please see the installation page for painting instructions

We offer a 1 year Warranty – Terms and Conditions Apply


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